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The Business Intermediate

The Business Intermediate

1          U 1

  • What issues does corporate culture refer to?
  • What are common unwritten rules in many businesses?

2          U 1

  • How can companies help interns to adapt to their work culture? How can an organigram be useful?
  • What parts does a placement report consist of? 

3          U 2

  • What are the positive and negative aspects of working in a call centre?
  • What are the reasons for and against outsourcing call centres from industrialized countries to the developing world? 

4          U 2

  • How does a helpline operator deal efficiently with a customer’s problem?
  • What are the ‘golden rules’ of customer service? 

5          U 3

  • Why is the packaging of products important?
  • What is wrap rage and what triggers it?

6          U 3

  • How do you organize and deliver an effective product presentation?
  • What are the features and benefits of a product?

7          U 4

  • What is the difference between careers ten or fifteen years ago and careers today?
  • What are some useful tips for creating a successful career?

8          U 4

  • How should you prepare for a job interview? What questions can you expect?
  • What parts does a CV consist of? How can the resume styles be different?

9          U 5

  • How can e-tailers increase sales through specific marketing techniques?
  • What are some positive and negative aspects to shopping in an e-store and shopping in a high street store? 

10        U 5

  • How can you negotiate successfully? What issues might be subject to negotiation in business?
  • What is the content of a business proposal?

11        U 6

  • What is corporate social responsibility? What groups of people does a company have responsibility towards? What conflicts of interest are there between the groups?
  • How is corporate America changing for the better?

12        U 6

  • Why should companies invest time and money in community projects?
  • What are the essentials of a successful meeting?

13        U 7

  • What are the risks and opportunities in mergers and acquisitions?
  • How can you describe a business performance? Give an example of a business you know well.

14        U 7

  • What different visual tools can you use in a presentation?
  • What are the guidelines for preparing PowerPoint slides?  

15        U 8

  • How can selling your product in other countries be more difficult than at home? What lessons do exporters have to learn?
  • What are the different methods of payment in international trade?

16        U 8

  • What is the difference between low-context and high-context cultures and what does it mean for international negotiators?
  • What is your philosophy on credit? What different types of correspondence may a company use regarding payments?











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